Welcome to Haelsum  – so glad you’re here! The last few months I’ve been working hard on getting Haelsum started; designing the brand, writing my mission statement, building this portfolio website and now, writing the blog.

What to expect on the blog?
The blog will focus on inspiration, design & work and studio updates.

  • Inspiration
    From Pinterest boards and moodboards to museum trips and travels: there’s a lot that inspires me in my design work. I’ll be sharing my inspiration here from time to time.
  • Design & work
    What’s a design studio without a ‘design’ category on the blog, right? I look forward to sharing insights, thoughts and learnings on both my client and private work.
  • Studio updates
    Everything Haelsum related: what’s going on, what am I working on and what’s next?

Thanks for stepping by! If you have a specific subject you’d love to read about – let me know! See you soon!