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About the project

Neo-Mundo is a search and consultancy agency for the health sector. In 2021 they celebrated their 10th anniversary with a rebrand of their visual identity.

Branding, Collateral items, Webdesign

Brand update Neo-Mundo

‘In het hart van de zorg’ (‘In the heart of healthcare’), Neo-Mundo’s tagline.

Brand positioning

To reflect on their first ten years and shape a vision for the future the Neo-Mundo team worked with an expert on their brand positioning. To test if their current visual identity still matched their new goals and ideas I did a brand analysis and hosted a workshop with the complete team. This helped me understand what elements of their visual identity should stay, and which were ready for an update.

Brand update Neo-Mundo

The new logo

With the outcome of the workshop in mind I started with a redesign of the logo. I kept the loved characteristics of the original logo: the warm colours, the round shape and the fact that it stands out from what competitors are doing.

Neo-Mundo translates to ‘new world’, and building a new world in health-care is a big part of the company's vision. The team is what truly makes Neo-Mundo stand out as a company, and based on that I build a new logo icon. It’s a collection of unique, diverse shapes — representing the uniqueness and diversity of the team — that come together as a whole to create a perfect circle, a new world. The elements that build the shape can be used on their own as a fun, visual language in on- and offline communication.

Brand update Neo-Mundo
Kind words animated GIF by Haelsum

“The collaboration with Jantine is very pleasant! She always delivers something beautiful that fits our brand perfectly. She works in a structured way and knows how to translate and process feedback well. Expectations are well managed in advance, so you always know where you stand. Jantine is a creative professional that we will certainly work with more often in the future!

— Janine Vinders, Marketing & Communication Neo-Mundo

Brand update Neo-Mundo

Business card with personalised QR-code that leads to the person’s profile on LinkedIn.

Brand update Neo-Mundo

Valentine’s Day greeting card. The card was mailed out to Neo-Mundo’s clients and partners to thank them for their collaboration.

Social media

Neo-Mundo has an active social media presence and creating a set of on-brand templates for their socials was a big part of the rebrand. I designed several templates they can easily use and edit themselves in Canva. This way it’s easy to create new posts when needed, and make sure they keep a consistent visual branding in their feed.

Brand update Neo-Mundo


My collaboration with Neo-Mundo started in 2018 when we completely restructured and redesigned their website. To match the fresh brand identity I redesigned some visual elements to give the website a consistent and up-to-date look.

Wordpress theme update development by Ramon Geertjes. Visit the Neo-Mundo website at neo-mundo.nl.

Team portraits. Concept & photography by Nijgh & Xim.

Brand update Neo-Mundo

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