A clean and personal brand for
interior designer Kim van Tol


Kim van Tol Interiordesign Branding

Client — Kim van Tol
Year — 2019

Kim van Tol is an interior designer based in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Kim helps people plan and decorate their interior, from single rooms to complete houses and offices. Her approach is personal, friendly and creative – a great starting point for her brand identity.

The branding is a combination of Kim’s approach and personal aesthetics: clean and minimal paired with playfulness and creativity. The logo can be used as a label, making sure it never clashes with the aesthetics in her client projects.

Kim van Tol Interiordesign Branding
Kim van Tol Interiordesign Branding

"Jantine has made my branding and I am very pleased with it.
Jantine can empathize with her customers very well. After she had asked me a number of questions she went to work. The result was spot-on! As if Jantine could read my mind.
If you would like a personal approach, I can definitely recommend Haelsum!"



Kim van Tol Interiordesign Branding

The color palette evolved from Kim’s personal favorite color, olive green, and might have been inspired by her beautiful home as well… Hand-drawn elements give the identity a personal touch, which fits Kim’s way of working.

Kim van Tol Interiordesign Branding
Kim van Tol Interiordesign Branding

Kim’s website is currently in the making, you can find a sneak-peek of her current projects on her Instagram account.

Kim van Tol Interiordesign Branding



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