Early 2019 I made an exciting trip: I visited the Dutch Chamber of Commerce to officially register my side hustle as a business. Fast forward to today, a year and a half later, and I can officially share that that same side hustle has now become my full-time job! I’m really proud of the experiences I gathered working at various agencies the past ten years, and am really stoked to start this new adventure.

What will this mean for Haelsum?

Good news for Haelsum: as of today, Haelsum is my full-time business! This means I have more time to take on new clients, and more time to work on personal projects.

Brand update

Now that Haelsum isn’t a baby anymore (is she a toddler now? That sounds so cute!) it’s also time for a small brand update. Although I still fully stick to the brand mission – thoughtful design for people who care – the brand aesthetics didn’t really match the work I’ve been doing. So here it is, Haelsum 2.0. The green is still here, the circular typography is still here, but everything is just a bit more personal, versatile and my style.

New Haelsum logo

Stay up to date!

I’m really excited for this next step and can’t wait to share more about the projects I’m currently working on. If you want to stay up to date make sure to check out my Instagram, I love hanging out on Stories!