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About Jantine

Hi there, nice to meet you!
My name is Jantine Zandbergen (she/her) – a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After gaining experience as a (senior) designer at various creative agencies for over ten years, I started Haelsum to create thoughtful design for people who care.


Branding & Visual identity, Illustration, Art direction, Graphic Design, UI & UX design, Digital design, Ideas & concepts.

Kind words from clients

“Next to having a very pleasant personality to work with, Jantine is a true professional. She is structured and keeps a good eye on what will practically work for a business and what not.” — Elles Roeleveld, Founder Soft Revolt. ♥ View project “Working with Jantine helped me to shape the identity of my business in a very positive way.” — Eveline Fortuin, Founder Toko Eef.  ♥ View project “Jantine pleasantly surprised me with her very professional and structured approach to the design process. She had a great way of explaining her design choices, and found a way to implement her signature style in a design for a subject that was markedly different from her usual projects.” — Hayo Bethlehem, Online Strategist ♥ View project “Jantine can empathize with her customers very well.” — Kim van Tol, Interior Designer ♥ View project “All-in-all, Jantine is a good professional, she has a unique combination of creativity, structure and leadership to manage a project in an effortless co-production.” — Mijke Eggink, CEO Neo-Mundo ♥ View project

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