Haelsum is a small design studio specialized in helping thoughtful brands come to life.

Jantine Instax

Hi there, nice to meet you! :)
My name is Jantine – a designer and illustrator with over ten years of experience working at various creative agencies as a (senior) visual designer. Haelsum is my boutique design studio and platform for what I love to do most: create thoughtful design for people who care.

My agency experience thought me how to connect with clients, find out their true needs, and translate that into meaningful design work. I love research, creating a good concept and working closely as a team with my clients and other creatives to make something wonderful and lasting together.

When I’m not designing I like to do cliché designer stuff like visit museums, work on the aesthetic of my Instagram feed and drink oatmilk latté’s. I got less designer-ey hobbies too: I love plants, like to travel, read books, watch films and got a small obsession with Animal Crossing. Oh and I love guinea pigs.

Haelsum collage

What’s a ‘Haelsum’?
Haelsum is the Old English way of writing the word wholesome. The word wholesome is used to describe someone who is pure of heart and compassionate, qualities I believe in and resonate with my way of working.

haelsum [hohl-suh m]

  1. conducive to moral or general well-being; salutary; beneficial:wholesome recreation; wholesome environment.

  2. conducive to bodily health; healthful; salubrious:wholesome food; wholesome air; wholesome exercise.

  3. suggestive of physical or moral health, especially in appearance.

Where are you located?
I'm live and work in Rotterdam, the Netherlands but am happy to collaborate with people from all over the world.

Are you self-taught or did you attend design school?
The latter! I got a degree in Communication & Multimedia Design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, and minored in Photography at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy.

What kind of work do you do?
From branding to digital design work. Take a look at my services to read more about what I can do for you.

Harry Potter house?
Ravenclaw ⚡