It’s Wednesday, April 8th, and officially the last day of the 36 Days of Type challenge, 2020 edition. This was my first time joining the project and man, it was a wild ride. Thirtysix days ago we weren’t in a lockdown, we could still go outside and interact with people, and the Covid-19 epidemic seemed really far away. Well, look at where we are now.

I must have admit these times give me some restraints: I wasn’t always feeling creative, or felt too sad by the news to create. The thing with a challenge like this is to keep going no matter what (at least, that is what I tried) and post every day, even if isn’t perfect. About halfway through I really felt like postponing the challenge, but seeing all the other designers show up every day on social media I decided to pull through. I’m glad I did, I think I made a fun series in the last 36 day!

Some tips if you are thinking of joining the project next year: 

  1. Set some boundaries for yourself. Whether you’re working with a theme, time-limit or color palette (as I did), working with some boundaries can help you create faster.
  2. Collect your ideas. Creating every day does’t ensure having a great idea every day: writing down things you’d like to try when they come up might help you later.
  3. Engage! Many people are joining the challenge, look for them on social media and interact! You might find some great designers to follow – I sure have!

Now let’s take a look at S - 9!

Thanks for following along every day, especially all who send me messages letting me know they liked seeing what I came up with every day. Stay safe!