This year I finally joined the #36DaysofType challenge! The project is now running for the 7th time and designers from all over the world are creating a letter of the Roman alphabet every day. I noticed the project on social media a few years ago, and marked this year’s start in my planner so I could finally join.

What I love about the project is the strong sense of community: people sharing their work every day, communication with one another and making sure to improve their work every day.

Today marks the 18th day, the letter ‘R’, and we’re officially half way through! I love to share what I’ve created so far. To spend some time away from the computer I decided to draw all letters in ProCreate on my iPad and I’m having a lot of fun with it. So, from A to R, here we go!

If you’d like to check my daily progress make sure to find me on Instagram or Dribbble, or check back in 18 days to see part two.